On behalf of the Prosthetic and Orthotic program, welcome to George Brown!

This is the first step in an exciting education journey that will provide you the means to pursue a rewarding career as an Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician.

The technical program is unique in Canada and provides a hands on approach to the fabrication of orthotic and prosthetic devices. It allows students the opportunity to become competent with machinery and specialty tools as well as some theoretical concepts associated with the field.

The section below details some pertinent information for first and second year students, outside of course content, to get students prepared before entering the laboratory.

First Year

Technical Lab

Check your calendar for event details about upcoming projects and remember to bring your lab manual for assistance !

Lab hours will be set per semester.

Dress Code

You are a representative of the program and will need to be dressed appropriately on lab days. For more information, click on FAQs

Second Year

Placement - Paramed Health Forms

Before the work term begins, all students must have completed their pre-placement requirements for the work term. These requirements include several components and should be started by the end of first year.

The Paramed health forms need to be completed and submitted to Paramed in time for the start of second year. Paramed forms require that each student is up to date on their immunizations for the first work term. Immunization records, blood work paperwork and a doctor’s signature are all required. On top of the immunizations, a police check, CPR C certification and mask fit test need to be completed as well.

Some immunizations and blood work tests require a lengthy time period before obtaining results so remember to stay on top of it!


Suzette Martinuzzi, Pre-placement Coordinator

(416) 415-5000, ext. 3415, or smartinu@georgebrown.ca .

Orientation Session at Sunnybrook!  The incoming class is ready to get in the lab and start working, with the help of Ottobock welcome kits filled with some staples!

Orientation Session at Sunnybrook!

The incoming class is ready to get in the lab and start working, with the help of Ottobock welcome kits filled with some staples!

AODA Forms

Students will be required to complete online modules covering the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. This will enable all students the knowledge to implement accessibility best practices in the field, providing the best care possible to patients. Modules will be sent out to be completed for the start of the school year.

Please visit:  http://accessforward.ca/ to complete these modules:

  • General Requirements

  • Customer Service ( the Working Together: The Code and the AODA (O. Reg. 165/16 s. 7) is now incorporated into this module)

  • Information and Communication Standard

- Please take a screen shot of the tests at the end

-Last name, first name AODA year

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are P&O educational sessions that can be attended in person or live-streamed. Grand Rounds occurs on the first Tuesday of every month for the duration of the academic year. Sessions are held at Sunnybrook Hospital in EG61.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Program students at GBC are required to formally present sessions on various P&O topics to develop and cultivate valuable presentation skills.

For more information, click the GRAND ROUNDS link.

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