There is plenty of support available in the program covering everything from academic, accessibility, student success and community resources. Here are a few of the main resources that students may take advantage of during their time at GBC.

Some more GBC services can be found:

Academic Peer Leaders

A Peer Leader is a fellow student who has demonstrated a high level of competence in specific areas of the curriculum to help facilitate learning in those areas with other students. In the Technical program at Sunnybrook, Peer Leaders are there to help with Anatomy and Biomechanics (math). There are also two second year technical students assisting in the Lab with fabrication methods and tips.

   Peer Leaders have designated sessions to work with you, however they can easily be reached by email to answer any questions outside of class time.

    George Brown also offers many on-campus services for all students at the main campuses, they have additional Peer Leaders for English and other subjects. On the George Brown “Current Students” website you will find links to student resources:

Math Resources:






Anatomy Resources:




Academic Support from your Student Success Specialist

The student success specialist sends weekly messages to your GBC email with strategies, resources, and information that will support your success in your program.

Their focus is assistance with identifying issues that are impacting your academic performance, and help with determining personalized academic strategies and resources that can get you back on track.

Anything from financial aid, time management resources, setting you up with counselling sessions.

The student success specialist for the program is Dawn Lovas, her contact information is below but keep an eye out for her emails at the start of the term!

Dawn Lovas
416-415-5000 ext. 2408

A few links that could prove helpful in starting off your school year on the right foot!

Accessible Learning Services

If you are a student with a disability and you require testing or academic accommodations, your first step is to register with Accessible Learning Services as soon as possible

The office is located in Room 225 at the Waterfront campus. You can also check out their website for more information:

For information on the accessible learning services offered and to create an accommodation plan, visit the GBC site: Accessible Learning Services- accommodations

A point of contact for the program for accessibility resources is Marissa Malkowski, a disability consultant who can get the ball rolling on setting up a plan that works for you.

Marissa Malkowski, MA

Phone: 416-415-5000 ext. 4290

For more information on the George Brown Captioned Media and E-text Policy and Accessible Library Services:


There is free confidential counselling services available to all full time GBC students.

How to schedule a counselling appointment:

  • Visit or phone the counselling office at one of these campuses

St. James: 200 King St. E., Room 582C
Phone: 416-415-5000 ext. 2107

Casa Loma: 160 Kendal Ave., E.,Room C317
Phone: 416-415-5000 ext. 4585

Waterfront: 51 Dockside Dr., Rm. 225
Phone: 416-415-5000 ext. 5370


For more information, visit the GBC Counselling site: Counselling

Other Resources

Good 2 Talk--1.866.925.5454

Post-Secondary Student Helpline—free, professional and anonymous support for students in Ontario—counseling for anything you want to talk about—24/7/365

4 Ways to Thrive at GBC

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