Bursaries & Scholarships

    There are some P&O specific bursaries and scholarships as well as some others dependent on background and personal circumstances. Once you receive a student number, you can complete the GBC Awards application online and be automatically entered into the running for all scholarships and bursaries for the school. This application can be completed through your Stu-View.

    Be prepared to write short essays and provide personal information as part of the application process. This info will be used to vet the applicants and determine your suitability for each award.

George Brown

Health Science Faculty Specific

P&O Specific

  • Otto Bock HealthCare Canada Award $1000 (x2)

  • Karl Ruder Scholarship $800 (x1)

  • OAPO Scholarship $750 (x2)

  • Canada Brokerlink - Lombard Scholarship $300 (x1)

  • J.A. Pentland Bursary - normally awarded in the Fall. Amount to be determined.

Award Recipients

Award Recipients