Congratulations on making it into the Clinical Program!

Now begins an exciting two year journey to advance your clinical skills and knowledge in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics.  

The clinical program is one of two in the country. It is a joint program with the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and other facilities, that teaches students to perform assessments and fittings. Students will assess and fit patients with prosthetic and orthotic devices.

The section below details some pertinent information for first and second year students, including course content, to help students prepare before entering the laboratory.

Course Info

Clinical Segments

The clinical segments will be the topics of focus for fabrication in the program.


    • Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre (Hamilton) - Orthotics: All levels.

      1st Yr - Lower Limb.

      2nd Yr - Foot, Upper Limb, some Spinal, PLUS

    • Boundless & Orthoproactive Consultants - Lower Limb Segments

    • Hospital for Sick Kids (HSC)

      2nd Yr - Spinal Orthotics


    • Sunnybrook (SCIL) - Lower Limb Prosthetics: Adult/Geriatric Focus.

      1st Yr - Emphasis on Trans-Tibial and Trans-Femoral Management.

      2nd Yr - Partial Foot, Symes, Knee Disarticulation (KDA), Hip Disarticulation (HDA), Early Rehab Prostheses, CAD-CAM projects

    • Bloorview Kids Rehab -Pediatric & Upper Limb Prosthetics

    • Freedom Prosthetics – Upper Limb Prosthetics

Clinical Techniques

The clinical techniques will cover the practical and theoretical components covered in lectures and lab for students. The breakdown can be found below:

Practical Components
- patient assessment
- measurement and shape capture procedures
- cast rectification
- treatment provision procedures
- assessment of functional outcomes

Theoretical Components
- applied anatomy, physiology & and pathophysiology
- biomechanics and kinesiology
- gait analysis
- seminars and presentations
- education of related allied health areas


Course Title Hrs/Wk.
Semester 1

ORTH1002 - Clinical Techniques - Practical 10.0
ORTH1001 - Clinical Theory - Theory 4.0
ORTH 1005 - Laboratory Techniques 16.0
ANAT 1017 - Anatomy 1.0
KINE 1002 - Kinesiology & Biomechanics 1.0

Semester 2

ORTH 1004 - Clinical Techniques - Practical 10.0
ORTH 1003 - Clinical Theory - Theory 4.0
ORTH 1006 - Laboratory Techniques 16.0
ANAT 1017 - Anatomy 1.0
PHSL 1003 - Biomechanics Seminars 1.0

Clinical Lab

Check your calendar for event details about upcoming projects and remember to bring your lab manual for assistance !

Lab hours will be set per semester. Extra time requires approval in advance.

Dress Code

You are a representative of the program and will need to be dressed appropriately on lab days and for other clinics. The dress code can be found here.

Clinic Locations

Certain clinical segments are completed at other clinics, therefore students will travel to one of the clinics below for class.

  • Sunnybrook Hospital

  • Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre

  • Holland Bloorview


There will be a weekly shared van trip to the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre. There will be drivers needed, the more the better. The van costs will be shared amongst the students; the cost will include the lease, insurance and maintenance. Responsibilities include good driving behaviours, cleanliness and a valid Ontario Drivers License will be required.

Parking at Ron Joyce

There is street parking around RJCHC, but for more parking information see the links below.

Health Forms

Students must complete mandatory health forms prior to classes at Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre and at Holland Bloorview.

A Pre-placement Immunization Form consists of:

  • records on all up to date immunizations

    ( TB 2 Step, MMR, Tetanus, Hepatitus B)

  • a doctor’s signature

  • bloodwork results

Students are encouraged to start this process as soon as possible due to delays if further tests are required.

Health forms: link

AODA Forms

Students will be required to complete online modules covering the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. This will enable all students the knowledge to implement accessibility best practices in the field, providing the best care possible to patients. Modules will be sent out to be completed for the start of the school year.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are P&O educational sessions that can be attended in person or live-streamed. Grand Rounds occur on the first Tuesday of every month for the duration of the academic year. Sessions are held at Sunnybrook Hospital in EG61.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Program students at GBC are required to formally present sessions on various P&O topics to develop and cultivate valuable presentation skills.

For more information: click GRAND ROUNDS

Second Year

Clinical Segments


    • Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre P&O (Hamilton) - Orthotics: All levels.

      2nd Yr - Foot, Upper Limb, some Spinal, PLUS

    • Boundless. - Lower Limb Segments (Winter)

    • HSC

      2nd Yr- Spinal Orthotics (Winter)


    • SCIL - Lower Limb Prosthetics: Adult/Geriatric Focus.

      2nd Yr - Partial Foot, Symes, KDA, HDA, Early Rehab. Prostheses

      2nd Yr - CAD-CAM projects ( TF Cad socket- Additive technology)

    • Bloorview Kids Rehab - Pediatric & Upper Limb Prosthetics

    • Freedom Prosthetics – Upper Limb Prosthetics

    • Joint Prosthetic project with technician students

Research Project Course

This course will allow students to create a research project topic and focus on developing ideas and expanding their knowledge of the field. The outline and submission information will be sent to you by the instructor.

Click below for more information on the outline and topic requirements.

  1. Research project course outline

  2. Creating A Research Topic

  3. Topic Submission Form

  4. Outline Form

    For Course specific information on the Research project, please click here

Instructional Materials Developmental Course

This course is structured to provide students the opportunity to not only expand their knowledge of a particular subject in the field by creating and reviewing the material that is being utilized to teach future students. There are various topics that could be covered, anywhere from Lower Extremity Orthotics (lecture & text) to a 1st Year Clinical Trans Femoral Chapter revision and update.

For course specific information, please click here