In the first year of P&O technical (S102), the curriculum calls for your choice of 3 GNED (General Education Elective) courses. These courses will include a selection of GHUM (arts and humanities, at least one), GSCI (science and technology), and GSSC (social sciences, at least one) to be taken online through Blackboard.

For information on logging into and navigating blackboard, click HERE.

Since the Sunnybrook location is removed from main campus sites, understanding which courses may be available to you can be difficult. Unfortunately, you may not know which choices are indeed available until you are completing registration through STU-VIEW. Thus, it is suggested that you keep a complete list of GNED course outlines handy/for quick reference while you are registering. This list can be found HERE.

If you come from post-secondary education and wish to get exempted from online GNED courses, you can apply for credit transfers. In order to apply, you will need to submit official transcripts from previous education institutions (should already have been submitted to the Admissions Office during your application to the program) as well as the course outline/syllabus of the course you have taken. If you have not sent in your college or university transcripts to George Brown College during the admissions process, click HERE for information on submitting transcripts.

Applications for transfer credits can be submitted under ‘Registration > Submit or Modify an Application for Transfer Credit’ options in STU-VIEW.

Important notes:

  • Ensure that the course(s) you are using as a transfer credit is highly similar/equivalent to the course you wish to be exempt from in terms of field of study (arts vs. sciences) and academic demands (essay vs. theory vs. research courses).

  • Ensure that the course(s) you are using as a transfer credit is of a passing/high grade.

  • You can apply for all 3 exemptions at the start of the term.

  • If you are receiving financial aid, make sure that you still meet the requirements for full-time enrollment (i.e. a minimum 60% course-load is required to obtain OSAP funding).


  • The last day to submit an Application for Transfer Credit is always the first day of term. f you miss this deadline, there is a way to submit an application for course exemption through a separate form, which must be submitted to the appropriate Academic Department by the 10th working day of the semester to be considered.

  • Last Day to Drop a Course from your schedule for the Fall Term - 3rd week of September

  • Last Day to Withdraw from a Course or an Entire Program without Academic Penalty for the Fall Term - 1st week of November

To view a ‘how-to’ application video, click HERE. For further information on eligibility, application procedure, checking transfer credit status, and reasons for denial, click HERE.

If you are having difficulty with the online Transfer Credit (exemption) application process please feel free to contact:

Michelle Scott
Student Support Officer, Electives
(416) 415-5000 Ext. 5794
Click to email: General Electives

You will be expected to attend all scheduled classes until a notice of an exemption is provided to you, if one is granted. By checking the Review Transfer Credit Application button at the bottom of the Registration section on STU-VIEW you will be able to see if an exemption has been granted. The latest you should find out is the last week of the month the semester starts in, after the course administrator has made their determination.

P&O STUDENTS: Note that S102 non-elective classes such as first year math and anatomy will also offer the option to be exempted. In this case, you will be asked to take an in-class exemption test a few weeks into the term. A passing grade is needed to be exempted.