Field Placement Selection

Field placement will provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience and additional learning opportunities outside of the prosthetic/orthotic program’s curriculum. Upon completion, students will have obtained valuable practical experience in the field of prosthetics and/or orthotics.  This will allow for exposure to the workplace environment, as well as to job expectations. The aim of the placement is to help prepare students for the workplace after graduation.

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Past student reviews

At the end of each field placement, students get a chance to share their experience.  This helps future students’ with their field placement selection, and to better prepare them for what could be expected.

Facility Selection Form

Students will rank 3 facilities they wish to do their placement at.  The assignment to a facility will depend on the availability and demand of the facility.  Facilities in the immediate GTA will be chosen through a lottery if more than one student has selected the same facility.  For this reason, you are asked to make your second and third choices outside of the GTA.  Please do not contact facilities on your own, unless you have a personal connection with the facility.

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Program Format

Students will be responsible to keep a daily log of work activities to track their experiences and complete a field placement feedback form.  The Field Placement Manual must be returned to the program coordinator on the first day back after field placement.  Students will also be responsible for preparing a tech tip presentation from what they learned at their field placement.  Upon returning to school, post field placement meetings will occur to discuss student feedback as well as placement supervisor feedback.  

Hours of Placement

Hours are dependant on the host facility.  Students must complete 4 weeks of a 37.5 hour work week.

Tech Tip

A tech tip presentation is a 5-minute presentation to share with the class an interesting tech tip they learned from their field placement.  It should not be a how-to presentation on fabricating a device, but a helpful tip of certain aspects of the fabrication process. Fill out the tech tip form during your placement to stay on track.

*Please refer to Field Placement Manual for more in-depth information on placements, and on student, supervisor and program coordinator’s responsibilities.