The Atlas of Spinal Orthotics

Hello everyone! 

Long time no post~

We behind the social media team have just been shared with an awesome new book that was discussed at the ISPO, It is an Open learning textbook that covers the history, and usage of Spinal Orthotics! Always nice to see information like this available and accessible, especially to those coming into the program or just interested in learning a bit more indepth about what we make!  

BCI Blog #1

The BCI-Prosthesis project is a Grand Rounds collaborative project between myself and Jessie Carrol, and Jess Butcher in Saskatchewan. From here on out I'll try to keep the blog up to date as our project progresses.



As it currently stands our partner in the prairies is going through some coding issues which will always run rampant in projects like these, our mechanical arm is in progress, and our BCI is beginning to calibrate better.



Update you all again soon.



Hello eveyone!

This is mean to be our first post on the little blog section we have on this site so we thought it would be something that was going on now, which is t-shirts!!! The formal survey for sizes and styles has finally gone out and will be open until the 25th, so make sure you get your order in on time!

-Jessie C.