Question:  When should I start looking for a place to stay?


It is recommended to start looking for residence as soon as you've been accepted into the program.

Toronto boasts a relatively high rental and real estate market. Researching the city’s neighborhoods is strongly recommended prior to commitment. Keep in mind safety factors, ease of transportation, accessibility, and cost. Proximity to Sunnybrook is a boon if possible due to traffic and travel time.

Roommates may be required to ease costs of living; the GBCPando Student Forum may be used to organize with fellow students ahead of time.

Rental information sites include but are not limited to or


Question:  Should I find a place to stay near the Waterfront campus or the Casa Loma campus?


No, it is not recommended. All classes will be held in the Sunnybrook Centre for Independent Living (SCIL) wing of the Bayview campus of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Hospital) at 2075 Bayview Avenue, south of Lawrence Avenue on the east side of Bayview Ave.

You will have to do some testing and other things in downtown Toronto occasionally, so proximity to a transit route (see Toronto Transit Commission website: ) is ideal. Sunnybrook has a shuttle to and from the city centre which you can use (with your Sunnybrook ID); the shuttle schedule can be found on the Sunnybrook webpage.


Question:  Will I need a computer to complete school work?


All your electives will consist of online courses, your schedule (subject to change weekly depending on factors) is provided through Google Calendar, instructors post lecture notes/presentations through Google Apps, you will have group projects that are electronic documents, and coursework is often required to be submitted online. Thus it is really important to have regular access to a computer or own a laptop.


Question: Where can I buy my books from, how much will it cost, are they at the GBC book store?


All the textbooks you will need for this course will be available during class, or from the GBC P&O Programs administration office, at Sunnybrook.

All textbooks are unique to the program and published in-house. They are written by professors, instructors, and graduates of the course.  Prices may vary from year to year, but your texts for first year will run you about $400 to $450, including the colour version of the Anatomy textbook. There are no other sources available for these textbooks.

 There is often an opportunity to purchase the first year Math (~$20) and Anatomy (B&W: ~$45, Colour: ~$125) prior to enrollment. They are usually made available at or just after the Intake exams/Dexterity tests/Interviews in March and April. If you would like to begin studying ahead of the semester or would like the extra prep time, you may purchase them; please contact Gordon Ruder at


Question: What happens if I want to leave class/lab early? Not show-up for the last week of class or miss a day due to a long weekend, etc.


How absences are handled depends on the circumstances surrounding them. Attendance is an important component of your marks and is also important because it indicates the amount of respect you have for your instructors and classmates as well as the profession itself and future clients. The following issues are anecdotal, not a statement of policy;

1) If you choose to leave for personal reasons that are not sickness or significantly emotional or mental health related:.

   a) This could result in a negative bonus mark against you.
   b) If there is a fire and no one knows you left, the head-count will be off and there could be a risk to the lives of Firefighters searching for you.
   c) Lab protocol marks are issued upon completeness of duties.

2) If feeling unwell or injured:.

   a) Ensure the supervising faculty is aware and you may be allowed to make up the time another day with no penalty on your attendance and no negative bonus.
   b) If required to go to the ER, ensure supervising faculty is aware and you may be escorted..

3) Projects finished:

  a) You are responsible for all of your own lab time. If all of your responsibilities are completed, refer to your supervising faculty.


Question:  Is there a lunch room available?  Any microwaves or fridges for students?


There is a lunchroom for the SCIL staff (UG46) that is unavailable to students during SCIL's lunch hour (12-1); the microwave may be used by students but the fridge may not; there is a refrigerator and microwave in the Clinical student workshop/lab that may be used by fellow students if necessary. The hospital also has a number of places to purchase food & drinks and to eat.


Question:   Do I get a locker for storage?


One standard sized tall locker. You will need to bring your own lock.


Question:  What’s the protocol on making up a missed lecture/lab day?


   i) Contact your instructor and confer with the program coordinator to arrange make-up lab time. Usually done on a Monday.

   ii) There are always lecture notes distributed on Google Docs and all required knowledge should be in your text. Failing that, there are peer leaders and classmates to help you.



YES! It is important to promote a professional image as a representative of the program and George Brown. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. For more information on what that consists of as well as what is required during clinic visits, click HERE.

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