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Rehabilitation Center for Children 

Our program is an outpatient pediatric rehabilitation model and we practice family-centered care. Our mandate is to follow children from birth to age 21 and then we help them transition into adult services. However, in P&O as we have often developed long standing relationships with our clients and we do have some adults continue to see us after age 21. RCC is a multidisciplinary facility and we have in-house PT, OT, X-ray and outreach therapies. Thus, we often have the ability to collaborate with other AHP’s both in the facility and in the community when treating our clients. We have a dedicated research program and are actively looking for our staff to be involved in research projects. The majority of our referrals come from sub-speciality clinics held by an orthopedic surgeon or physiatrist and the clinics we commonly work with are the general orthopedic clinic, spasticity, muscular dystrophy, amputee (upper and lower specialty), spina bifida, assistive technology and spine.

Specialties: Pediatrics, AFO's, Standers, CAD CAM

Facility Hobbies: Technology, Outdoor activities, Cooking, Board games, Music

Visit our website: https://rccinc.ca/