This site will serve as your guide to navigating all that you need to know about what steps to take coming into the program, what to expect during orientation, getting to know the faculty, the tools you will need, information about classes, as well as answer any burning questions you may have.

When is orientation and what to expect?

There will be an online orientation session run in July. The focus of this session is to discuss some important dates including the next orientation sessions, deadlines for tuition fees and information on electives and exemptions. Other items covered will include textbooks and cost, Sunnybrook and its amenities, how to access the Google platform, resources for student success as well as how to get your ID badges and parking information.

There will be a second orientation session at Sunnybrook hospital the last week of August to help you get better acquainted with the building and to answer any more questions you may have to help you get prepared for the start of school.

The last orientation occurs the first week of September. This session will aim to prepare you for the start of term. Textbooks will be handed out, course outlines and grand rounds will be covered, the schedule and health forms will be discussed, and it will also allow you the opportunity to get introduced to fellow classmates, faculty and peer leaders.

All of this information can be found throughout the site, if you would like to get a headstart!

Let’s get started!

George Brown

The Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician program as well as the Clinical Methods in Prosthetics and Orthotics are categorized under the Faculty of Community Services and Health Sciences. We fall under the scope of the School of Health & Wellness.

See below for where we fit in the grand scheme of George Brown.

The Profession

The technical and clinical program will provide you with some experiential learning, as well as the tools and knowledge to get you started in the field.

There are a few organizations that are of main interest:

  • Orthotic Prosthetic Canada (OPC)

  • Ontario Association of Prosthetists Orthotists (OAPO)

  • International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics  (ISPO)

Information on the related organizations associated with the field, can be found in Related Organizations or at

The direct effects of a George Brown P&O education:

  • Post graduation -  Internship

  • Accreditation - Our programs are accredited

  • Continuing education - Conferences, Symposia, Workshops