How to Achieve a Straight Seam When Draping Plastic Using Two Plastic Strips

This tip is great when draping AFOs, SMOs, KAFO, etc. This technique involves using two strips of plastic essentially as handles to control the mother sheet and create the perfect straight seam.

What you need:

●      Cast (placed so that centre seam is parallel to ground)

●      Two strips of plastic (~1inch wide) the same length as the mother sheet  (Does not matter what type of plastic you use for these)

●      Mother sheet of plastic

Step 1: You need to first cut your plastic. When cutting plastic for mother sheet give yourself a little extra in order to accommodate for the extra material needed to perform the technique. While cutting mother sheet cut two strips 1” wide and same length as mother sheet.


Step 2: Set cast up for moulding, keep in mind plastic will be pulled at a 45 degree angle.


Step 3: Once cast is set up for moulding put the mother sheet into the oven. DO NOT PUT STRIPS IN THE OVEN. Keep strips ready to the side.

Step 4: Once mother sheet has reached moulding state apply transfer (if there is one), then grab plastic strips. Place one strip at each end of mother sheet (medial and lateral sides not top and bottom). Give yourself some space to roll the mother sheet over the strips and thus keeping the strips in place.


Step 5: Lift the sheet by picking up the two strips. Drape the plastic over the cast. Start at the heel then pull at a 45 degree. Meet the two strips together in front of the cast. Apply vacuum and cut excessive plastic.


Tech Tip by Noelle Ollerton and Kayleigh Shanahan, 2016

Thanks to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital for this technique.