Applying Transfer Paper

Heat the plastic as usual. An appropriate size of transfer paper is cut and sprayed lightly with either silicone spray or Mold Release. 


IMPORTANT: If using silicone spray it is important to note the warning label and to wear a respirator as it can be toxic to inhale. Some practitioners avoid using silicone spray because of it's harmful effects.  At GBC, it is strongly suggested using either Mold Release with proper personal protective equipment, or lightly coating the surface of the plastic with a mild soap and water solution. 

When the plastic is ready to drape, the sheet of transfer paper is positioned so that the brighter side will be in contact with the plastic. 

Start at one end. A hand (wear gloves!!!) is used to smooth the transfer paper down until it has been fully applied taking care to avoid creating any wrinkles or air bubbles. Folding up one corner of the paper will help to remove it when done.  Mold the plastic as usual once the paper has been removed.