How to Finish a Plastic Edge with a Torch

This is a good trick to give edges a polished look. 

Finish edges as usual on the trautman removing any plastic burrs that may have accumulated. When done, clean the device edges with thinner. This will remove any contaminants that could blacken
during the torching process. 

Be sure to ensure that all thinner has evaporated and dried before moving on to the next step. 

The goal is to heat the plastic just enough to blend it in; it is very important not to hold the torch too close or to keep it in any one area too long. 

IMPORTANT: Do not use the torch near any of the fume hoods or near any chemicals that are flammable.

The flame is held about 6 inches from the edge and moved constantly in a sweeping motion concentrating on one area before moving on. When it is done the plastic will turn from a matte finish to a glossy look. 

Let the edges cool before touching them as to not mar their smooth finish.