Skiving Thermofoam

This is a method for creating smooth, tapered, thermofoam pads for cushioning areas such as the malleolli. 

Use the trautman to gently grind the foam to the desired shape. A coarse cone will remove more material faster for a more aggressive skive while a finer cone is best for finishing or when less material is needed to be removed. 

Keep a hand flat under the foam to create a flat surface to avoid creating uneven areas, bumps, or divots. A gentle pressure is all that is needed and makes the foam easier to control. Excessive pressure could result in too much material being removed or an uneven skive. 

It is important to pay careful attention to blending the edges of the skiving areas into the rest of the foam to avoid ridges. This can be achieved by gently starting at the center of the pad and working towards the edge with a fine cone. 

When completed, a heat gun can be used to even out the foam's surface, giving it a finished look.

Hold the heat gun about 6 inches away and move it in a sweeping motion. Take care to avoid damaging the pad by not holding it in the same place too long. The foam will even out in colour and texture slightly when it is done, usually within a few moments. It is important not to over heat the pad as it could ruin the shape by deforming it with too much heat.