Trick to Help Align Tamarack Joints

This tip is beneficial when aligning tamarack joints. This simple trick will help an individual place and move around the joints until they are in the proper alignment.

What you need to get started:

●      Hammer

●      Two tamarack dummies

●      Four shoe tacks

●      Elastic band or string

●      Cast


Step 1: Place elastic band or string around the ankle of the cast .


If you wish you can make a groove in the anterior aspect of the cast to secure the thread or elastic in place:


Step 2: Place tamarack dummies beneath thread or elastic band and adjust until satisfied with the alignment


Step3: Use hammer to put tacks into dummies and therefore securing them to the cast. Be mindful that joints do not move when being hammered. As an added precaution draw lightly around the joints to mark their alignment place on the cast.


Step 4: You can now remove the elastic band or thread from the tamarack joints because the tacks are now holding them in place.


Tech tip by Lianna Nicholson & Leanna Sanders

Thanks to Orthoproactive for this technique.