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Award Prosthetics Inc.

Specialties: All areas of prosthetics for clients of all ages

Facility Hobbies: Technology, Outdoor activities, Gardening

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Barber Prosthetics Clinic

At Barber Prosthetics trying to provide the highest level of patient care has always been our top priority. As part of this, we routinely use outcome measures and invite our patients in participate in research projects. Here you will learn both the craft and the science of prosthetic care.

Specialties: paediatrics, rotationplasty, myo and all things prosthetics

Facility Hobbies: Art, Photography, Painting, Technology, Outdoor activities, Cooking, Gardening, Music, Movies

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Hodgson Orthopedic Group

We have a vibrant staff that works closely together in a supportive environment to promote positive learning and provide high quality O&P patient care. Check out website

Specialties: prosthetics, orthotics, pediatrics/adults, all ages all devices

Facility Hobbies: Technology, Outdoor activities

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B D Mitchell Prosthetic

The facility provides for a large area of a diverse case load. Our clinical services are provided from 5 clinician and three technicians. We embrace new fabrication procedures in both thermo-plastics and Composite laminates. Our preference is to do as much in house to ensure our designs best reflect the clinical requirements of our clients. We use computer technology for gait evaluation and charting, however, we have not yet embraced scanning form capture as we continue to find our manual skills still out perform with improved outcomes.

Specialties: Primary Adult Prosthetics & Mix Ortho

Facility Hobbies: Technology, Outdoor activities, Gardening, Video games, General culture of Staff are sports and outdoor recreation.

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