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Metro Health Services

Metro Health services is a non-profit private facility found in the Saint John Regional Hospital. We fit all kinds of assisted devices to a variety of patients in the Saint John region and the surrounding area. We have a Prosthetics, Orthotics, Pedorthics and Custom Seating Department. The Prosthetics department is supervised by Susan Huerta (Prosthetist) who works closely with Jordon (Prosthetics Technician), Brian (General Technician/Prosthetic Technician and Laurie (our financial advisor) to provide the best care to our patients. We have a wide patient population and use a variety of styles of prosthetics which are used to cater to our patient's individual needs. Jordon is an excellent technician, he has a cool demeanour and excellent attention to detail. You will be working mostly with him. For the first week, you will be making fitting pads and sewing straps and observing. How you will progress with us technically depends on your progression of skills, ambition, and attitude. Susan was a High School PE teacher and Science teacher. She loves education and learning. She has a passion for her patients and tries to treat them like family.

Specialties: We do a wide range of levels. Mostly lower extremity, mostly geriatric, however a good mix of upper extremity (conventional and myoelectric). We get a lot of work safe clients.

Facility Hobbies:  Art, Photography, Painting, Cooking, Gardening, Video games, Movies, Dogs, Martial Arts, Racing Boats, Food, Beer

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