Pre-Health Passport - 2nd Year Technical

    As students in an Allied Health Professionals course, we will be in contact with vulnerable people of varying ages with an array of pre-existing ailments on our campus (Sunnybrook Hospital), in our classrooms, and on our work placements and as such, we fall under the laws governing healthcare workers in Ontario and this includes undertaking all of the inoculations and background checks outlined in that legislation. These are all recorded by Paramed. There is a bulk of information here, so please take your time to review it all carefully.

    Remember to keep copies/originals of all documents submitted to Paramed. Not only do things go missing but these may be necessary to fulfill employment requirements after you graduate.


    Assuming that you are completely out-of-date on your vaccinations and you live in Ontario, here is what's required of you:

1) Make an appointment with your family Doctor or go to your local Clinic. Tell them you are a college student and need to get these shots and tests; all forms must be signed and dated in the appropriate sections:

a) A Two Step TB (Tuberculosis) Skin Test

You will need to go back to have it evaluated in two days after the test is given. Make sure you go back, or you’ll have to do it again. If it gets red, puffy, and bigger than 10mm, it’s a positive result and a chest X-ray may be needed as proof of non-infection. This can usually be completed within a few days. Once cleared, have the form signed and dated. Make an appointment for the second step test while you’re there.

b) A Tetanus/Diphtheria Booster

This is a once every 10 years thing. It won’t hurt you to have it more frequently. Ensure the form signed and dated.

c) A Hepatitis “B” Vaccination

This is a three shot regime. While you’re in the office, make two more appointments, one for a month from the first shot, the second for six months after that. Once again, ensure the form signed and dated.

d) An MMR Inoculation (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

There are two shots needed. After the first shot: Get the form signed and dated! And make an appointment for the next month for the second shot. The form must be signed and dated.

e) A Varicella Vaccination (Chicken Pox/Shingles)

Also a two shot regime. After the first shot: Get the form signed and dated. Following, make an appointment for the next month for the second shot. Both forms must be signed and dated.

Some Clinics/Doctors Offices will authorize one of their nurses to provide shots without appointments, for your convenience.


“C” Level CPR:

    There are a lot of CPR training providers. The more recognizable organizations are The Red Cross and Saint John’s Ambulance. In order to not find yourself with an unrecognized certificate, it’s advisable to ensure the credentials of those you employ to instruct you. W.S.I.B. (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) provides a list of providers that are vetted and authorized by them to issue training certificates. Please be certain that you register for a “C” level C.P.R. course, NOT a Health Care Providers (HCP) level course or an “A”/basic level course. First Aid at any level is not what is not a requirement; CPR certification is the more important issue. There is no fixed price for this training, so "shopping around" is recommended.

    Although most C.P.R. training certificates indicate they are valid for three years, the laws governing healthcare workers require an annual re-certification, so if you get hired into a hospital environment you'll need to re-certify. Fortunately re-certification is often less costly than the original certification. (Remember to take your old card for proof of previous certification or you will be charged the full price of an original certification.)

Vulnerable Sector Police Check:

    This is a two part background check. It is conducted by your local police force and includes a local records check and an R.C.M.P. national sex offenders list check. You just complete the one application form and pay one fee for this. The turnaround time between jurisdictions varies greatly. Generally the bigger the population of the region the longer it takes, but it will also vary seasonally. It can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks, be prepared for 12 weeks to avoid disappointment. If you should be so unfortunate as to share some statistics with a person on the sex offenders list, you will need to go into a policing facility to be fingerprinted to complete the check. It’s not as scary as it may seem at first, it’s just part of the process and nobody will treat you like you’re guilty of anything, though it could add 120 days for processing.
    Healthcare Providers have to have this check done annually at their own expense, in the $50.00 range. However since you are not being paid, you are considered a volunteer and are charged a smaller fee, around $20.00. Take your Letter of Acceptance from GBC with you (along with government photo I.D.), this is your ticket to smaller fees.
    To find a location to apply for the check, you can call your local police station (NOT 911) for more info. GBC also has a web page with more info:


Mask Fit Certificate:

    Although you won’t need to provide Paramed with documented proof of compliance, you will need to have a mask fit done if you don’t have a valid pre-existing certificate. The P&O program will coordinate a third party to come to Sunnybrook to do the fit test. The test will run you about $15.00 cash and get you a certificate for your records. You, of course, will need to provide a respirator. (FYI, don’t share respirators. They are intimate personal protective devices.)
    If there is any question with Paramed regarding a need for proof of fitting, you may refer to this page on the GBC website:

    This it is not official policy, but, don’t over-stress on compliance deadlines, there is wiggle room. You won’t be denied entrance to school if everything isn't completed by the set deadline date. Additionally, nobody, not even the Paramed staff, like the forms currently in use, it’s not just you.



    Your completed, signed and dated Paramed forms have to be delivered to Paramed personally, by you. Paramed is located at: 480 University Ave. Suite 704, Toronto, ON M5G 1V2 (Map) and are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and are closed weekends, holidays and for lunch from Noon to 1:00pm. You will need an appointment, they don’t accept walk-ins. To make an appointment you may call (416)348-9185 or, preferably on the web at:

    You will be charged a fee for the service Paramed provides. The current year’s fee outline will be included with the other documentation sent in the mail to you. At this time the annual visit fee is just over $50.00, which you have to pay by cash, credit, or debit. Make an appointment when you feel you will have all the paperwork completed. If you end up not having everything you need (except the flu shot which can be faxed in to (416) 977-3973 at a later date), cancel your appointment and make a new one for when you’ll be completely ready, missing an appointment will cost you a fine equal to the first visit fee. You can cancel anytime up to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment at no charge, but if you have to go back for a second time you will have to pay a follow-up visit fee of about $23.00. Make sure you have copies of everything, when in doubt make a copy. A photocopy at Paramed will run you about $3.00 per sheet on top of the other fees.