Placement Coordinator (GKR) Responsibilities

The Faculty Placement Coordinator is responsible to organize and approve the field placement. They will provide students with their contact information for field placement, to act as a liaison between the student, college and the facility for field placement.

Responsibilities include:

  • Notifying the student about any potential health risks.
  • Informing the student of any required or recommended inoculations and tests prior to the student’s start date. 
  • Providing the student with an employee safety manual (if applicable) and notify the student of safety training that he or she should participate in.
  • Familiarizing the student with the emergency procedures and exits at the practicum site.

Procedures for Students in Difficulty and for Termination of Placement. Students experiencing problems on placement should contact the GBC technical Program Coordinator. The Coordinator will discuss the situation and take the appropriate steps to solve issues or terminate Placement.

 Legal Considerations. George Brown College’s insurance policies cover students during their field placement sessions at off site clinics. The Ministry of Education and Training provides WSIB coverage for students. Students are responsible for immediately reporting a placement-related injury or illness to their Placement Supervisor and Practicum Coordinator, regardless of how insignificant it is or may become.