Turbo Plaster

While working in the field, and practicing at GBC, you will be required to back fill a cast for a second lamination. Turbo plaster will make the removal of plaster much easier.

The trick is that the turbo plaster is made from dirty plaster water that’s been building up in the sink. The little particles and large chunks of plaster in the water at as a catalyst/scaffold for new plaster to build off of, thereby speeding up the process of crystallization. Furthermore, the positive cast built from this will break off in bigger chunks even when wet, thus preventing any headaches when you have to remove it from definitive lamination.

With all the benefits of turbo plaster, there are also cons to it as well. Turbo plaster should only be used for back fills, never for a fresh cast. The reason being that the plaster will break off in large chunks when being modified; making the process much harder and more time consuming for the clinicians!

Adding salt to your plaster will also make it set faster and break out in larger chunks. However this will similarly increase the hardness of plaster making it more difficult to modify.