Program Format

The student is responsible to keep a daily log of work activities to track their experiences and complete their student work term feedback form. The students may use the logbook as a reference as part of their CV. The Field Placement Manual must be returned to the program coordinator the first day back at school, after the work term. The student is responsible to prepare a tech tip presentation. The presentation can include samples, demonstrations, or be a power point presentation. The “Tech Tip” presentation should be 5min in duration, and will take place the first week back from work term, in or after the fabrication theory lecture. There will be a post work term meeting between course instructor(s) or the program coordinator and the student. This meeting is part of the promotions meeting, and will take place at the end of the fall term and first week back from the winter work term. This will allow faculty to review with the student, the feedback provided by the supervisor. This is also an opportunity for the student to give faculty feedback on the site that hosted them.

Purpose of Field Work Practice. Provide students opportunity to gain practical experience and additional learning opportunities outside of the Prosthetic/Orthotic Program’s curriculum.

Placements. Students request placements. Assignment to a placement is dependent on facility availability to offer a placement. A facility can also request student attendance. International Placement Opportunities International placement opportunities are available and are addressed on an individual basis. Successful placement abroad is dependent on location and availability of a host Prosthetics/Orthotics centre, meeting the S102 program requirements, and coordinated through the College’s International Centre. 

Hours of Placement. Variable daily hours depending on host facility. Students must complete 4 weeks of a 37.5 hour workweek.

Learning Outcomes. Upon completion, the students will have obtained valuable practical experience in the field of prosthetics and/or orthotics. The students will be exposed to real life technical tasks with elevated expectations of their work. While on placement they will learn about the work environment and their role with other prosthetic/orthotic clinic members. The aim of the placement is to provide further education beyond in class curriculum and to help prepare the student for the work place after graduation.

Vocational Outcomes. Students will obtain on the job technical experience. Each experience will be unique depending on the facility attended. Real life activities will develop technical skills learned in school and often offer practical training additional to the Technical Program's Curriculum.