This page will give a breakdown of what the program outcomes are, the courses that will be covered, as well as required textbooks to give you an idea of what to expect this upcoming fall.

Program Outcomes

The program outcomes include the expected goals achieved by graduating students as well as some requirements for the program.

Technical (S102): Program Description & Outcomes

Clinical (S407): Program Description & Outcomes


The course outlines for both programs can be found in the links below. Be sure to take a look at the Program PDFs!

Technical (S102) Course Outlines Clinical (S407) Course Outlines

Grading Platform

The platforms used to relay your grades from tests and projects will be done through STU-View, an excel transcript and the CBE site. All final grades will be accessible on STU-View under the registration section. There will be an Excel transcript shared with you at the start of each semester where your grades for all out-of-lab work will be accessible including written tests and quizzes.

The CBE platform is accessible HERE where you will be able to see a breakdown of lab project requirements and grading schemes upon logging in. There is also a section for feedback from instructors for all projects. For iPhone users, CBE also has an app (search “FileMaker Go 16”). This can be found in the Apple App Store at - The following images will guide you through setting up CBE through the FileMaker Go 16 app on your phone:

At the completion of every project, a self-evaluation will be sent through Google forms to fill out and send back to the instructors. This will allow the opportunity to describe what went well and what could have been improved upon.

Succeeding in the Program

In order to complete the program and achieve a diploma, one of the following scenarios must occur:

1) Pass all courses: Student graduates with a diploma

2) If passing core courses and failing one non-core course:

  • The student may stay in the program, but will not graduate with a diploma, and hence not be eligible to begin their internship. At the discretion of the course’s instructor, the student may be permitted to write a supplemental exam. If the supplemental is passed, then the grade for that course will be amended to a C- (60%).

3) If failing more than one non-core course and/or a single core course:

  • The student cannot proceed to the subsequent term, or graduate if they are in their final term. The student must repeat and pass the failed course before continuing or graduating.

Note that:

  • 60% is a passing grade

  • Core courses consist of: Fabrication Theory, Laboratory Procedures, Work terms

  • Non-core courses consist of: Anatomy, Kinesiology & Biomechanics, Pathology, English, Electives & Profesional Issues

Promotion Meetings
These meetings are set to provide any student struggling ,some resources and guidance moving forward. The meetings will occur at intervals throughout the course of the program. Faculty will identify students in need and sit down to discuss resources and other options. Students may also meet with faculty to simply discuss their progress in classes, seek feedback on where they can improve, or discuss future aspirations.

Textbooks & Costs

Textbooks will be purchased in class during orientation. The program coordinator will have them readily available. Textbooks can be purchased by e-transfer or cash on that day. Details will be provided to you during the summer orientation for this. Cost may vary depending on the courses you are enrolled in, ranging $250-$550 per year.

Some additional textbooks/professional publications (not required but available to those interested) are:

  • 2012 CPed Clinical Guidelines - $57

  • Clinical Aspects of Lower Extremity Prosthetics. Transtibial, Symes and Partial Foot Amputations (CALEP) - $70

  • Clinical Aspects of Lower Extremity Orthotics (CALEO) - $120