Alternative to Symes PVA Distal End Cap

These two methods are presented as alternatives to creating an end cap for sealing the end of a PVA bag for a symes positive mould. The twist and heat method is quick, simple and executed after the PVA bag has been pulled. An additional benefit is it's seamless and will be hidden completely under the symes plate.

The ironed seam method is applied to the PVA bag before it is pulled onto the positive mould and creates a seam at the distal end that is similar in size  and depth to the factory seam that runs up the posterior. This method comes in handy for the symes style positive mould but, also for other odd shaped sockets that would be difficult to pull a PVA sheet over; e.g. laminated AFO.

Thanks to the Prosthetic teams at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and Prosthetic Energy for these techniques.