Students working away!

Students working away!

Best resource: GBC Registration checklist – A handy step-by-step guide to ensure registration is successful and painless.

Important to note:

  • All students must register for their classes every term, not just in the Fall.

  • Failing to register can sometimes mean you are not in the program, and you will have your tuition returned. This can often happen in the winter term!

Also note that, as a first-year student in P&O, you may need to complete an English placement test. You can check this requirement under Admissions Application Summary on STU-VIEW. If needed, a placement test can be booked through STU-VIEW. More information on assessments, preparation, and time/location of testing can be found HERE.

For information on academic policies, records & transcripts, and assessment information, see the GBC registrar site HERE.

Make sure to pay attention to deposit and fee deadlines. Deadlines will differ depending on OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) eligibility, with non-OSAP tuition deadlines being earlier. For more information on tuition policy (initial deposits, payment methods, refunds, etc.), click HERE.

Those with approved OSAP funding will receive this funding in two installments (one per semester). For more information on OSAP (eligibility, application, FAQs), click HERE.

Keep track of fee and registration deadlines with the use of mailed invoices, your GBC student email, GBC important dates, and STU-VIEW.

If there are further questions related to registration, fees, and courses, visit GBC Registration FAQ , or click HERE to contact GBC.