Selecting Your Work Term Facility

Use the form below (when available) to select and submit your three choices for potential facilities you would like to work at.

Facilities in the immediate GTA have traditionally been the first choice of technical students, however, there are only so many spots available at these centres. A lottery will be used to select who will be able to go to any location that has more than one person wishing to go there, and preference will be given to those willing to their placements out of the GTA. For this reason, you are asked to make sure that at least your second and third choices are not in the GTA. This year will be one of the largest tech class to place for work terms, so I am asking for your understanding and help.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT FACILITIES ON YOUR OWN! Unless you have a personal connection with the facility, let GKR be the coordinator for the entire class.

CLICK HERE for Fall Workterm Selection Form

click here for Winter workterm selection form