STU-VIEW is the college’s on-line student/college digital interface. Through STU-VIEW, you can register for classes, post your tuition payments, check your college transcript, confirm exemptions, download your tax receipt, arrange for transit passes and a bunch of other non-course related things. Take your time to become familiar with this system, it isn't very intuitive and the navigation is not always logical.

Your user name for STU-VIEW is always your student ID number (10XXXXXXX) while your password is self selected. The college will issue a temporary password that you will change on your first log-in. For help regarding STU-VIEW login and troubleshooting, click HERE. For help with password resets and other college-related IT issues, click HERE.

Important note:

  • Ignore the course calendar in STU-VIEW. It is inaccurate to our program's schedule. Refer to your Google calendar for all P&O course timetables.