Student Responsibilities

Code of Conduct. Student is to follow the code of conduct set out by the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetics and Orthotics as is outlined in the Ethics Manual. As well, students in placement continue to be bound by the college’s Student Code of Student Conduct, and Discipline Policy. If there is an affiliation agreement that exists between the institution and George Brown College, then the student will conduct themselves in accordance with all it’s policies.  These policies will be explained to the student prior to entering their particular placement.

Absenteeism. The student must notify the supervisor of their placement for missed time and notification shall also be given to the student faculty advisor as soon as possible. A doctor’s note may be required for proof of illness. Other circumstances for missed time will be discussed with the student faculty advisor in conjunction with the supervisor. Make up hours for missed time will be at the discretion of the student faculty advisor and the supervisor.

Confidentiality. Students shall maintain confidentiality in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act as set out by the Ministry of Health and adhere to further guidelines as set out by the field placement.

Important Things to Remember. Complete the log as provided. Have the supervisor/ facility complete all paperwork as provided. Upon completion of the work term the field placement manual is to be handed in the first day at school to the Program Coordinator. Remember technical tip presentation, to be done in class following the return from the work term.


After submitting your preferred facility locations and receiving confirmation from GKR you can contact your upcoming facility to introduce yourself and ask what they required from you before you begin (at least find out what PPE you need to bring with you and facility address and working hours). If you will be working at a public facility, such as a hospital, you need to confirm, well before hand, any criminal record and health records (such as immunization). Before you leave for work term you need to sign and submit the WSIB form to GKR declaring your understanding of all work placement implications.

As soon as you arrive at your facility you need to have your supervisor sign the WEPA form ensuring they understand the safety and work term procedure. This form needs to be photocopied for the facility administration and the original brought back with you after work term. During your work term period you are required to fill out your daily logbook (pages 22-25 in the Field Placement Manual). By the end of your work term, you are required to complete the facility review questionnaire (your response will be anonymously displayed below), summary of your work term (page 26), the student work term feedback form (page 35) and have your supervisor fill in supervisor's comments/feedback section (page 31-34). 

Please bear in mind during your work term that you need to prepare a five to ten minute tech tip presentation, sharing a technical tip(s) you learned during your time away, shortly after you return. You can choose from a wide scope of new things you have been exposed to on work term, such as unique device fabrication or shortcuts of doing certain tasks quicker.