Student created resources

Compiled here is a list of resources made by students throughout their time in the program. Each of them were created independently and cover a range of topics from Safety to different material techniques. These site are a good resource for both current and future students, teaching both basic techniques , interesting tips, and study materials.



Plaster 101

Chemical Safety

P and O Health and Safety

Spot the mistakes

Further Learning:

P and O Materials

Prosthetic Socket lamination

Trans Tibial Shaping Guide

Digital Toolbox


Brian Myles, Mitchell Koplowitz and Savannah Sparkes (2013)

Igor Demchenko, Mihai Pacurar, Sonia-Lena Bomshakian, Devin Girard and Shane Morton (2014)

Cyril Borovsky, Thomas McManus and Kyla Copp (2016)

Jeremy Huard, Sean Seo and Brian Vice (2019)