Here is a list of tools to purchase for this program and future career. Below you will find pictures to illustrate each item, helpful descriptions on what to buy and what they are used for. Someitems have additional information and tutorials that can be accessed by clicking on the description.

For your convenience a printable PDF version of this list (with and without pictures) is available so you can take it with you while shopping.

We have shorten the supplier names into groups and acronyms and below is the full list:

HIC (Home Improvement Centre): Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Rona, Ken,t, Home Hardware

HS (Hardware Stores): Lee Valley, Busy Bee Tools, Acklands-Grainger, Atlas Machinery

AS (Automotive Supplier): Princess AutoCanadian Tire, Paint Circuit

CS (Craft Store): Michaels, Staples, dollar stores, Fabricland

DS (Drugstore): Shoppers Drugmart or any other pharmacy

PO (P and O stores): Gord Ruder, Webber Supplies

Description Picture To Have Price Notes and Tips Suppliers
Allen Key Set – Metric Required $15 (AKA: Hex Keys) Any set will do. But "T" handles provide better leverage. The most used are: 2mm, 4mm, 8mm. HIC, AS
Awl, Scratch Required $8 Any will do. HIC, AS
Baby Powder Required $1+ Cheapest you can find. Scent-fee will be appreciated. One large bottle will likely do you for 2 years. DS, Dollar store
Chain for Tool Box Required $2 / foot 5 feet, heavier than swing set chain but links smaller than an inch. Big enough to get your lock through. You will be chaining your tool box to the table leg. HIC, AS
Chisel Required $10 For chiseling plaster out of a socket. Could just use an old (beat-up) screwdriver. HIC, AS
Countersink – 82° Required $6 - $40 Get a good one (so not the $6 kind). You'll be using it on plastics, fiberglass/resin, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc. (FYI: 82 deg is the standard angle, so unless otherwise stated, it's likely 82 deg.)Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Drill Bit Set – 1/16" to 3/8" Required $20-$50 Cheap set will do, but a quality set will pay for itself in speed and control. Will go on sale often. Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Drill – Cordless Required $150 A 18V is sufficient for the light work that'll be done. You could also buy used to save you money HIC, AS
Dust Masks – 8210 N95 Required $15 Get the 50 pack. These must be fitted and certified like a respirator. An N95 rating is required. HIC, AS
Metal file, Small fine and flat Required $12 Needed for finishing metal,bondo and hard foams. Usually comes as part of a set. Inexpensive is fine. About 3/4" wide, should have "fine" stamped on it near the handle or tang.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Gloves – Thermal Required $20 You will be handling plastic at over 250C! Fabric ONLY! Welder's gloves will leave stuff in the plastic. HS, PO
Grease Pencils – Wht Required $10 AKA China Markers, in the marker/pen section at Staples. White is preferred over coloured, it stains the plastic less. CS
Hacksaw Required $15 Any full blade hacksaw frame will do. It's down to personal preference and budget.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Hacksaw Blades – metal 5/pk (18t) Required $5 If your saw didn't come with extra blades, get a decent bi-metal 18 tooth. You will be cutting through aluminium, steel, and stainless steel and this blade will handle cutting them.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Hammer, Ball pein – 16oz Required $20 Any will do. It's mostly for doming copper rivets, but you will likely bash a few other things as well. Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Hammer, Ball pein - 8oz Required $12 Any will do. It's mostly for flattening speedy rivets, but you will likely wack a few other things too.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Hearing Protection – Muffs Required $20 If you prefer muffs over plugs don't bother getting the other. Any rated for 26db or better will do. HIC, AS
Hearing Protection - Plugs Required $15 If you prefer plugs over muffs don't bother getting the other. Any rated for 26db or better will do. HIC, AS
Lab Coat Required $35 Lab coats are warmer in winter and keep more debris off your clothes. A clean lab coat is required for second year technical. HS, HIC, AS
Leather Hole-Punch – Multi Required $82 Buy the best only. The cheap ones may not make it past your first project and definitely not your third, neither may a $40.00 pair. The expensive ones may make it through college. Buying a punch set or individual punches may be a better choice. Tandy carries a nice variety and they go on sale regularly. Click here for a tool tutorial. Tandy Leather, Gord
Level - Torpedo Required $25 Any brand will do. Avoid entirely plastic frames if you can afford to, cast aluminium is the most popular. A magnetic side is helpful for storage and keeping track of tiny parts.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Locks for Tool Box & Locker Required $15 Any kind will do, as long as it fits the hole and the chain links. You will need one for your locker as well.It may be a good idea to get two keyed the same. Keep a spare key in your wallet or backpack. Every year somebody gets locked out... HIC, AS
Measuring Tape, Cloth – Seamstress Required $2+ Any make will do. For convenience a self-rewinding model is helpful. Be sure to get one with both imperial and metric scales, we use both systems. CS
Plasticine Required $4 Get a big block if you can. Dollar stores carry it sometimes, craft stores usually do as well. Coloured may bleed into your project. CS
Pencils – All Surface Required $1+ These guys write on anything, but between all the other writing utensils you have you'll likely be covered. CS
Plumb Bob + string Required $20 Or you can make your own at school.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Punch – Centre Required $8 Any will do. It is nice to have a spring-loaded/self-actuating one, makes things just a bit quicker/easier. HIC, AS
Respirator Organics Filter Required $30 3M and Northern are the popular ones. Get the kind that fit your respirator, they have differing fittings. One set will likely get you through college. A particulate pre-filter is a handy option, but not necessary. HIC, AS, PO
Respirator Required $50 3M and Northern are the popular ones. A fitting test and certificate are needed. You can have the test done at Paramed or in class. In class by the Weber sales rep is very convenient. HIC, AS, PO
Ruler, 15" Required $5 Ensure it has both Metric and Imperial. If you can find one that has the zero on the ruler end, get it if it’s in your budget. Flex steel is also recommended. HIC, AS
Safety Glasses Required $15 Any CSA marked ones will do. They will get scratched or you might lose/break them, so you might need more than 1. HIC, AS
Sandpaper Required $6-$8 Best finish is achieved by working your way up grits. Have grits around 80, 150, 250, 400 and if you're feeling ambitious, 600 or higher. HIC, AS
Sanding Screen (Drywall) Required $4 Anything 80 to 180 grit will do. Do not use new, crumple it up in water to get rid of most of the grit. HIC, AS
Screwdrivers Required $15-$45 You will use these all the time. At minimum you will need a #2 (red) Robertson (square), a #1 (green) Robertson, a #0 (yellow) Robertson, a #2 Philips (+), a #1 Philips, a large slot, a medium slot and a small slot. A majority of these come in most pre-packaged sets. Get whatever make best fits your hand, should be of decent quality, cheap ones don't last. A "stubby" set of the same will also come in handy.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Shoe, Leather – Your Size Required $1+ Buy at goodwill. Please refer to our answer in the Tools main page. Thrift store
Side Cutters, Sml Required $60 Little cutters will come in handy for removing "speedy" rivet, and you will need to remove them. Any will do, but springy handles are helpful. Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Spray Adhesive – 3M Super 77 Required $15 This brand of spray adhesive seems to work best for the materials we stick together. You'll probably use two cans over the course of your studies. The packaging varies store to store, but it's all the same stuff. (Except for the "Orange" stuff, don't get that.) HIC, AS
Square w/level Required $15 Recommended. It's a 3 in 1 tool, other than a square you can use it as a torpedo level and ruler separately.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Stitch/Seam Ripper Required $1-$6 Needed to make removing sewing errors quicker and easier, and you will be making a lot of sewing errors. CS
Surform ½ round blade Required $6 Indispensable for shaping plaster and foam. Sometimes referred to as a "cheese grater". Available from the school or auto body supply shops. Quality counts, blued ones tend to be better than "gold" coloured ones. Get a pair and keep them clean. Make sure they're half-round, flat ones won't do. AS, PO
Tap – Size: #10-32 Required $6 Any make will do for first year, you may want to get more than one as they snap easily. Second year you'll want to invest in a high quality one.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Tape, Duct – 2" Required $6 You will use a couple of rolls of this stuff each year. Better quality works nicer. HIC, AS
Tape, Electrical Required $6 Six rolls may not be enough. Inexpensive will do fine. It all ends up in the bin anyway. HIC, AS
Tape, Hockey - Clear Required $6 Any brand will do. Comes in handy for covering exposed rivets. Will actually improve your marks! Department Store
Tape, Masking, 2" Required $4 Regular or Green.Just don't stick it to leather or naugahyde, it leaves marks and a residue. HIC, AS
Tool Box – Max 39cm Tall Required $40-$100 Whatever will fit your tools and your budget will do.See the Tools main page for more on toolbox size. Drawers are recommended. HIC, AS
Utility Knife Required $12 Any brand will do. Single double-ended or snap-off work well. The snap-off tips provides a new one sharp edge quickly and easily as well as providing an adjustable blade length.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Utility Knife Blades Required $4 Any brand that fits your knife will do. You will go through a lot of them. HIC, AS
Utility Scissors (pk) Required $10 An inexpensive set will provide the necessary array of scissors. A cheap pair for cutting fibreglass (this will wreck any pair), little ones for thread, medium for other fabrics etc. HIC, AS
Vice Grip – Needle Nose – Lrg Required $26 Just gives you a better grip on small or metal items. The longer nose keeps your hands farther away from hot and abrasive surfaces and gives you more reach into smaller cavities.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Vice Grip – Needle Nose – Sml Required $20 Just gives you a better grip on small or metal items. The longer nose keeps your hands farther away from hot and abrasive surfaces and gives you more reach into smaller cavities.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Vinyl/Nitrile Gloves (100/box) Required $12 Any brand will do. Avoid latex, hospitals are latex-free due to allergies. Depending on how messy you are, you may go through 2 or 3 boxes a year. HIC, DS, PO
White Petroleum Jelly Required $1+ The cheapest you can find will do. A medium/large size jar will more than do you for the 2 years. DS, dollar store
Beeswax Optional $1+ A light coating of beeswax prevents rust off the blade edges of chisels and punches, but actually makes punching leather easier. Used to finish leather edges. CS, HS
Bondo – Body Filler Optional $25 Versatile filler and sealer. Hardens quicker than most alternatives. The school has some HIC, AS
Wire brush, File cleaning Optional $5 Recommended. Your files will get clogged. One of these cleans them quickly. Most file sets come with one. HIC, AS
Bullseye level Optional $8 May prove helpful for prosthetic alignment. A torpedo level will be fine.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Deburring Tool Optional $12 Any will do. Pivoting is nice. Mostly for cleaning-up plastic edges. AS
Face Shield Optional $25 It ends up being a lot of stuff on your head, but is good for those with prescription glasses. HIC, AS
File, ½ Round fine – 8" Optional $7 Recommended. Round on one side, flat on the other. Needed for finishing metal, bondo and hard foams. Usually comes as part of a set. Inexpensive is fine. About 3/4" wide, should have "fine" stamped on it near the handle or tang.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
File, Rasp combo – 8" Optional $7 Recommended. Needed for rough shaping of a number of materials. Usually comes as part of a set. Inexpensive is fine. This is an extremely coarse half-round file. Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
File kit, small, thin Optional $7 Recommended. Kit of small extra small files for fine detail work. HIC, AS
Flaring Tool Optional N/A Really not necessary, most students use the handle of their hammer. A Queen Ann chair leg has been used by some. N/A
Funnels – Water Bottle top 1/3 Optional N/A Bring empty water and pop bottles to school if you have any. N/A
Glue Brush (for glue pot) (6/pk) Optional $1+ You can use the schools for everything, but little ones are good for small items. DS, dollarstore
Indelible Pencils Optional $1 each Recommended. These are a watercolour kind of pencil. Not cheap and can be hard to find. Some craft stores carry them, you'll have to hunt around. Lee Valley tools carries the purple and red Veritas pencils. carries a version for sale on-line only. CS, HS
Lighter Optional $2 Recommended. Any will do. Just about every sewing project will benefit from a little torching of frayed material or threads. DS, dollarstore
Needle Nose Pliers – Lrg Optional $30 Recommended. Any will do. Will occasionally come in handy. Usually comes as part of a set. Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Needle Nose Pliers – Sml Optional $20 Recommended. Any will do. Will occasionally come in handy. Usually comes in a set. You can find cheap ones at some dollar stores.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Needle, Sewing – Lrg Optional $1+ Will come in handy to finish-off some sewing projects. Assess the size in the lab. CS
Punch – Pin – 1/8" Optional $10 Any will do. You can make it all the way through college without one. HIC, AS
Rubber Mallet – White Optional $12 A non-marring white rubber is best (less clean-up) but any will do. HIC, AS
Goggles Optional $14 A pair of enclosed goggles are very handy for dusty projects. HIC
Shop Apron Optional $8 Recommended.Bib front aprons are cooler in the summer and carry more tools. Regardless if wearing one or not, avoid wearing nice clothes to lab, as they tend to get stained. HIC, PO, Department Store
Side Cutters, Lrg Optional $20 If you bought bolt cutters, any side-cutter (wire-cutters) will do. If you are not buying bolt cutters, a robust pair of side-cutters with long handles are in order. Get a good pair! Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Spring Clamps – Set (14pcs) Optional $10 A set of these will come in very handy as extra hands and as weights for many of your first and second year projects. Any brand will do, even dollar store stuff. HIC, AS
Surform round blade Optional $12 Recommended. Could come in handy for shaping foam in tight places. Most students don't have one. AS, PO
Tap Handle Optional $20 Recommended. For the first year you will likely not need one. Second year you'll likely want one. HIC, AS
Tape, Fibreglass – 1" Optional $10 Sometimes called "filament tape". You'll likely not use a whole roll, so splitting a roll with a bench mate may work. You won't need it the first day anyway. HIC, AS
Thimble Optional $3 You're not likely to need it unless you like needlepoint. CS
Work Gloves - Leather Optional $2 You may never use them, or you may.DO NOT wear work gloves of any kind on any machine with turning parts, if they catch on a moving part your hand could be drawn into the machine, or off. HIC, AS
Wrench, Adjustable Optional $23 Any will do. Get two of any size for counter turning. Infrequently used, but come in really handy. HIC, AS
Moisturizer Optional $5 Recommended. Working with plaster, getting your hands dirty and washing them frequently will dry out your hands very fast DS, dollar store
Tupperware or mason jar Optional $5-$25 A small container to keep screws, componentry and other smalls items safe. Department store
Sanding sponge Optional $3 Good to smooth and finish plaster or use as a "jig" for sanding paper to give you a better grip. Try to find one around 150 grit. HIC
Yates Clamps Optional $2 Recommended.Useful to clamp projects in place or close off a PVA bag HIC, PO
Tensor bandage Optional $7 Good to have during thermo foam/plastazote molding. DS
Pattern duct or washi tape Luxury $1+ It's great to label your tools, as sharpies don't write on all surfaces. You can also write your name with a rotary tool kit. HIC, CS
Bending Irons (Pair) Luxury $170 The school has a few, but you may have to wait for them. Get these if you don't like waiting in line or sharing. PO (special order)
Buffing Cone - Tycro Luxury $15 A real asset for finishing plastic. PO
Reverse Countersink Luxury $60 Sockets and braces will need to be riveted, and your drill won't fit inside. You can make one from a copper rivet.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Glue Pot Luxury $3 Maybe if you buy your own clear glue, otherwise unnecessary. CS, PO
Heat Gun, w/reducing tip Luxury $90 The school usually has some, but there's about 30 of you so you may be waiting to use it. Chances are that you can borrow one. Not everyone in class will have one but if you do, share it. A reducing tip is handy, but not essential. HIC, AS
Small Icing spatula (straight) Luxury $4 Will come in handy for spreading plaster for repairs to casts. May also be used for mixing and spreading other compounds. CS
Syringe Luxury $1 Handy to pull out air out of plastic drapes DS
Rotary Tool Bit Kit Luxury $100 Recommended. Any will do. The larger the variety the greater the options. HIC, AS
Rotary Tool Luxury $70 Recommended. Any will do. If you are inclined to use one, know how it works before you try it on a project. You can make it through college without one. HIC, AS
Shears – for Leather Luxury $80 Recommended. Get a good pair. They should be cast metal, not made from flat stock. Flat stock will torque open while cutting thick materials. Tandy Leather, PO, HA
Vernier Calipers (in/out/deep) Luxury $8-$45 Digital recommended. You will make an aluminum one in class.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC, AS
Tycro Arbor Luxury $25 This is required to mount the tycro cone on the spindle grinder (Trautman) PO
Woven Buffing Cone Luxury $22 Can be purchased from Gord. Very handy to have one for polishing metal and another one for finishing plastics. PO
Laser Level Luxury $180-$200 It will be extremely helpful to do alignment on prosthetics devices.Click here for a tool tutorial. HIC
Caulking Cord Weatherstrip Luxury $6 Failsafe wile vacuuforming. Heat resistant so it will not melt when used to stop leaks. HIC