Introduction and Demonstration of Trans-Tibial Socket Lamination

Trans-Tibial Lamination Demonstration Video

This page is developed as a resource to students to gain insight and visual reference to the process involved to complete a trans-tibial socket lamination.

In addition to the lamination there is a second video that depicts some troubleshooting scenarios that frequently cause frustrations and fabrication errors in a lamination process.

The video introduces materials and tools that are used in preparing the layup, assembly of the layup, preparation and mixing of chemicals, and use of vacuum forming equipment within George Brown College's lamination room. 

The video is not intended to replace lecture material from the clinical or technical program, but to be used as a supplementary tool to clarify details explained in fabrication theory lectures.  Details about material characteristics, tools, and layup properties are found in course texts and on additional George Brown College Prosthetics and Orthotics site resources. Remember to click the closed captioning button on the videos to have text to support the verbal narrative. 


Laminating 101

by Cyril Borovsky Thomas McManus and Kyla Copp, 2016

Lamination Troubleshooting

by Cyril Borovsky Thomas McManus and Kyla Copp, 2016