Website Review - Information which should be reviewed and/or changed as needed with regard to the About the Program section, as well as the Orientation, Registration, GBC Services, and Tools & Orders pages.

The following “checklist” of information to review will be organized by page for ease of use.

About the Program > FAQs

  • If Gord is no longer providing textbooks (math and anatomy), change contact information

Student Guides > Orientation > Outcomes, Courses, Grades & Texts

  • If grading platform changes, change information under the Grading Platform heading
    Current info: Shared Excel sheet for theory courses and written tests, CBE for in-lab grading.

  • Non-required textbooks that are offered under Textbooks & Costs heading
    Current info: 2012 CPed Clinical Guidelines ($57), CALEO ($120), CALEP ($70)

Student Guides > Orientation > Faculty & Support Staff

  • Review of technical and clinical faculty, as well as any contacts/instructors from clinical placements/clinics

Student Guides > Orientation > Academic Peer Leaders & Student Success Specialist

  • Ensure math and anatomy resource links are functioning

  • Name/contact info of the P&O student success specialist
    Current info: Dawn Lovas

  • Name/contact of the P&O disability consultant under Accessible Learning Services heading
    Current info: Marissa Malkowski

Student Guides > Orientation > ID Badges & Parking

  • If process of procuring a Sunnybrook ID ($25 payment @ D117 before getting ID in security office) or parking passes (approx. $120/month, parking in garage 3) changes, information must be reviewed

Student Guides > Registration > Electives & Exemptions

  • Name/contact information of the student support officer in charge of electives
    Current info: Michelle Scott

Technical Resources > Tools & Orders

  • Ensure P&O Specialty Order Form link works (link to Google form which may or may not change on a yearly basis)

  • Re: P&O Specialty order forms: if etransfers are no longer directed to Gord, contact info must be changed

  • Name/contact information of the Weber Supply Company product specialist
    Current info: Paula Cabral

  • Review MOT P&O student/staff discount & payment modes
    Current info: 10% discount; Visa, MC, etransfer, cheque